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2016 – 2017 RHS Lacrosse Glove Options.

We have worked with Coach Adiar to find these glove options for new players or returning players who want to replace gloves from last season.

You can purchase gloves anywhere. The gloves need to be one of these models and BLACK.

SIZING GUIDELINE:               13” should be good for players 125 pounds or more.
                                                12” for players under 125 pounds.

They are, in no particular order.

Brine King V Lacrosse Gloves

Color: Black/White

Estimated Cost: $180

We found them for $120 (sizes 12” 13” 14”) with an additional 25% off during black friday at  https://www.lacrossemonkey.com/clearance/clearance-mens-equipment/clearance-gloves/brine-lacrosse-glove-king-v.html

Warrior Burn  (not the PRO Model)

Color: Black

Estimated Cost: $80

We found them for $70 (size 12” and 13”) with an additional 25% off during black friday at https://www.lacrossemonkey.com/clearance/clearance-mens-equipment/clearance-gloves/warrior-lacrosse-glove-2015-burn.html 

Warrior Rabil

Color: Black

Estimated Cost: $130

We found them for $80 (sizes 13” and 12”)




STX Stallion 200
Color: Black

Estimated Cost: $50




We try to be accurate, but availability and prices may have changed since we posted this page.