Riverside High School Lacrosse Club located in Painesville Twp. Ohio 44077

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Are you a parent of a new player?
Have questions about what equipment is needed to play lacrosse?

Every player needs the following:

  • Helmet -
    The club provides a lacrosse helmet you can borrow for the season. Most players end up purchasing their helmet to use in the off season.
    DO NOT BUY A HELMET online or from a store. Every player on RHS Lax uses the same model Cascade helmet and we order decorative team wraps that are cut specifically for this helmet type. Plus, the price from the club will be cheaper than what you can find.
  • Stick* - 
    Make sure your stick is legal for high school play in 2018.
    This blog post on LacrosseMonkey talks about the changes from 2017 to 2018.
    Sticks range in price from $30 - $400+. A good beginner stick can be found for under $80.
    Many players will eventually want to "customize" their stick, and purchase the shaft and head separately. There is no need to spend $200 on a shaft and another $150 on the latest head. Beginners can make do with an off the shelf set.
    Defensive players use sticks with longer shafts. Talk to Coach Adair, if you are not sure what position you will be at. 
  • Gloves* -
    We try and have everyone on the team wear black gloves. Here are some suggestions. In general lacrosse gloves range in price from $50 to $200. There is no need to purchase the most expensive glove for beginning players. Most high school players probably wear a twelve inch glove, but some may need a different size. 
  • Shoulder Pads* -
    Range in price from $50 to $200.  They have different amounts of padding. Offensive players sometimes like more padding, especially on the shoulders,  then defensive players. Most high school students will fit in a Large, but some may need a different size. 
    You cannot use football or hockey pads. They must be lacrosse specific.
  • Arm Pads* -  
    Can range from $20 to $125.  They have different amounts of padding. Offensive players sometimes like longer pads that cover more of the arm. Try on different arm pads. Those with more padding can restrict movement a bit. Defensive players, tend to like shorter arm pads. Most high school students will fit in a Large, but some may need a different size. 
  • Mouth Guards -
    to play and must be worn properly (no fish hooking). Failure to do so during a game is a 30 second technical penalty. 
    They cannot be White, Clear or Red.
  • Cleats -
    We play on both turf and grass fields. You do not need to purchase Lacrosse specific cleats, many players use football or soccer cleats.
  • Rib Protector - Optional
    Can range in price from $25 - $60. Most high school players do not use a rib protector.
  • Goalies - 
    Need different chest protectors from field players and a chin protector for their helmet.
     Talk to coach Adair if you want to play goalie.

Athletic cups are not required for players but are highly recommended. Goalies are required to wear these.

Dicks Sporting Goods Store in Legacy Village (Lyndhurst) has a variety of gloves and pads. Try on gloves & pads before you make a purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Coach Adair.

US Lacrosse has a video about equipment fitting

New or begining players do not need the most expensive gear. You should be anle to purchase a starter set of gloves, shoulder and arm pads for between $100 - $120, and a stick for $50. If you are getting your stick strung, for begining players we recommend a "hard" mesh. If you don't know what that means, don't worry.

* Riverside Lacrosse has a limited supply of Sticks, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads and gloves for players to borrow during the season. Please let us know ASAP if you want to borrow a set.